The 100 Season 5 Trailer is Finally Here

At long last, The CW has unveiled the trailer for The 100's highly anticipated upcoming season. Fans of the popular, apocalyptic drama have been waiting a long time to see Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia and the rest of the gang again after we left them at the end of season four. After the Earth burned in praimfaya last season, we saw our favorite characters forced to split up. Some went back to the Ark in space, some hunkered down in the doomsday bunker, and Clarke was left to fend for herself in the outside world. The last few moments of the season four finale, though, showed a glimpse of Clarke a few years in the future. The 100 season five trailer picks up right where the finale left off. 

The trailer answers a few of fans' burning questions from last season's finale, however, it definitely leaves us wondering. It turns out that patch of survivable land Clarke has taken refuge on is the only livable place left on the planet. The prison ship that landed there in the season four finale is planning a hostile takeover and Clarke is ready to fight what she believes is hers. Her friends up on the Ark, though, have a different idea. Monty and Bellamy both seem hesitant to return to Earth just to repeat the same mistakes they made the first time around. 


As for Octavia, who has taken over as Commander of the grounders and sky people in the bunker, seems to be struggling with her leadership. From the few glimpses of Octavia the trailer offers, it seems like violence has played a big part of everyday life in the bunker. Octavia is seen taking some advice from Jaha, as well, despite the fact that it was announced that Isaiah Washington would be leaving the show. It will be interesting to see how he will be written out of the show. 

In a blink and you'll miss it scene, the trailer shows an Alien-esque shot of something moving around in a person's stomach. As if going to war over the only survivable patch of land on the whole planet wasn't enough, Clarke and the gang might have to deal with some sort of alien life form. After four seasons of hardship, wouldn't it be nice to see them all get a day to relax? Oh who am I kidding? This is The 100, after all. 


The 100 will return to The CW on Tuesday April 24th. As our friends from the Ark would say at parting, may we meet again. 


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