Trader Joe's Just Dropped Gluten-Free Pumpkin Spice Bagels

Closeup of a 12 grain bagel with butter

Though summer doesn't officially end until the end of September, Trader Joe's is helping us adjust to the fall season a bit early by rolling out all their seasonal products. By seasonal products, we really mean all their pumpkin-flavored items. One of the most exciting pumpkin items you can purchase at Trader Joe's this year is the pumpkin spice bagels. Making this food item even more exciting? There's also a gluten-free option, so, nobody has to miss out on this autumn goodness.

While pumpkin spice bagels have been around for a few years now, the addition of the gluten-free versions has Trader Joe's fans super happy. Trader Joe's fan Instagram account @TraderJoesGlutenFree shared the news with followers on Monday (September 9) and followers were happily popping off in the comments. "Omg I'm gonna have to go get these," one person wrote. While another was so excited they "choked on my chocolate covered almond reading this."


For all those pumpkin super fans out there, Trader Joe's has a ton of options for pumpkin-flavored spreads to put on your pumpkin-flavored bagel. Between Pumpkin Butter and Pumpkin Cream Cheese, there's no shortage of ways to make your gluten-free bagel extra delicious.


Some of the other popular pumpkin-flavored items at Trader Joe's include coffee, tea, pancake and waffle mix, oatmeal, muffins and more. Will you be hitting the grocer to get your favorite pumpkin treats?

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