Princes William & Harry Lean On Their Wives In Different Ways Amid Fallout

The Royal Family Attend Church On Christmas Day

Prince William and Prince Harry have grown apart over the past few years. Back in October, Prince Harry admitted the brothers were "on different paths" for the time being. Since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced they'd be stepping down as full time working members of the royal family, the void between the brothers has only grown. According to an Us Weekly source, Harry and William have only spoken “a couple times” about “business matters” since the Sussexes moved to Canada.

One of the reasons Harry and William have drifted further apart is because they have “different coping mechanisms" for life's challenges. “Harry’s more sensitive and emotional than William – he takes everything so personally. He can be rather impulsive at times,” the source says. “Harry wants the world to know that no one should suffer in silence, which is why he opened up about Princess Diana and going to therapy.”

William, on the other hand, is “a more logical thinker.” The Duke of Cambridge "doesn’t let things let things get to him, like Harry does. That’s not to say William has a heart of steel — he’s actually an incredibly loving and kind man, he just has a different way of dealing with emotions and is more level-headed than his brother,” the source explained. “If William has a problem, he’ll talk to Kate about it. William confides in her about everything.”

Though both brothers have different coping mechanisms, one thing they do have in common is relying on their wives for advice. Harry thinks of Meghan as "his rock," according to the source. “She knows everything about her husband and is constantly advising him,” the source added. “He first opened up to Meghan about the trauma he went through dealing with his mom’s death shortly after they met – it was during their trip to Africa.”

The Sussexes and Cambridges are set to reunite publicly at the upcoming Commonwealth Day Service. Queen Elizabeth requested Harry and Meghan return for the special event and it's expected they will oblige. According to some sources, Archie will making the trip back to England next month, as well.

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