Robert Plant Shares How He Feels About His Post-Led Zeppelin Career

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After being the lead singer in one of the biggest rock bands in the 1970s, Robert Plant took a moment to reflect upon his post-Led Zeppelin career while joining Rolling Stone for their podcast, Rolling Stone Music Now. The interview saw Plant sitting down with his frequent collaborator, Alison Krauss, to discuss their next project.

"I was always trying to escape the shadow of what had happened to me between 1968 and 1980," Plant said of his post-Zeppelin career. "So I was trying so many different things just to expand myself without really worrying about taking along an audience that only wanted me to be on autopilot. I made good music and I made questionable music, but I did it all with great flurry. And there's only a minor embarrassment now, maybe perhaps a few dodgy haircuts. I mean, when you're on maximum rotation on MTV, it's just, how the h*** did that happen? From the hammer of the gods to, um, [1983 solo ballad] 'Big Log.'"

As Plant was reflecting on his days back in Led Zeppelin, he shared that the keys the band played in were based around Jimmy Page's guitar playing, rather than Plant's vocal range. "Quite often everything was in E because you got much more out of the bottom of the guitar. I should have gone to one of those castrati schools in Northern Italy trying to get it right."

Plant and Krauss released their latest album, Raise the Roof, on November 19, with the pair of collaborators announcing a tour to go along with the release that will kick off in June 2022. Plant has shared that he adores Krauss and the collaborations they come up with, explaining that she helps him break out of rock clichés. The former Led Zeppelin frontman has also made himself clear on the fact that he has absolutely no plans on retiring, and has shared that he finds music just as fulfilling now as he did when he first began back when he was a teenager.

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