Matty Healy Explains Why The 1975 Never Want To Be As Big As Foo Fighters

Photo: Getty Images

The 1975 are stars in their own right, but during a new interview with Music Week, Matty Healy said he never wanted to get to the level of Foo Fighters success.

During the chat, the singer spoke about not feeling the urge to record a hit single. “If I started caring about that now it would f**king stink,” Healy said. “I said this ages ago, everyone wants us to become a huge rock band and we want to become a small emo band.”

“If we become Burial, I’m way happier with that than [becoming as big as] f**king Foo Fighters, do you know what I mean? I love the Foo Fighters, but I couldn’t do that," he admitted. “It’s funny, there’s something about me that is very poppy and the stuff that comes out is poppy, but the references never are.”

The 1975 are gearing up to release their fifth album Being Funny In A Foreign Language on October 14. They've shared four singles off the album so far: "I'm In Love With You," "Happiness," "Part Of The Band," and "All I Need To Hear" — a song Healy said is "something that Adele could sing."

Healy recently revealed that The 1975 turned down a bunch of money to tour with Ed Sheeran, opting to do their own thing instead of opening for a bigger act. As a result, they're heading out on a headlining North American tour after the album drops.

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