California Man Cashes Dead Roommate’s Checks

Check's In The Mail

Photo: Getty Images

57-year-old Darren Pirtle was recently charged for forging checks to himself from a roommate's account who is suspected to have passed away in 2018. According to KTLA, Pirtle forged "dozens" of checks from 64-year-old Kevin Olson's Navy Federal Credit Union account beginning in July of 2019. These checks continued to arrive as a result of Olson's retirement from the United States Navy.

Police began a missing persons case in August of this year when it was brought to their attention by Olson's family that no one had physically seen the Navy veteran in four years.

Every time a relative contacted Pirtle in regards to Olson's whereabouts, he would make an excuse. When police in Chico contacted Pirtle to inquire about the strange disappearance, Pirtle simply told them that his roommate was out of town. KTLA mentioned that upon investigation of Olson's home, police found his dead body lying on a bedroom floor. Officials believe Olson to have been dead since 2018. No information regarding the exact length of time that Olson has been deceased has been released, as an autopsy has yet to be conducted.

KTLA noted that Pirtle is being charged for identity theft and forgery, and is to appear at a plea hearing on Thursday.

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