Almost 300 Dodge Charger General Lees: where are they now?

I remember being in shcool in Atlanta 20 years ago and hearing a friend tell story of a junkyard in California that had a whole row of General Lees in it. 

Turns out that's not exactly the case when it comes to the fate of those famous Chargers. 

According to better sources:

-As the cars went airborne (an estimated 150 times) and/or were wrecked...they were cannibalized for parts for future General Lees. Especially the Dixie-painted body pieces and beefy engines. 

-Other used ones were set a a still prop for shots in town or ourside Uncle Jesse's house..these were known as the "bucks". 

-Most of the rest of the wreckage was shipped to a crusher and squashed beyond recognition.

-When the run of the show ended in 1986, there were a reported 18 General Lees left, which sat on the old Warner Brothers set gathering dust for a few years, before 17 of them were sold to private owners.