10 Questions Issue #6

In this issue I'd like to feature an artist that is neither local, nor unsigned. Let's go in to the world of an artist who has had some success and has performed in the area (including a free show outside the Mission Inn back in the late 1990's when we first met):

Radio 94/5 Artist 10 Questions: Patti Rothberg


1) What is the name of the band? The name is just Patti Rothberg but sometimes I play with a trio called "Wet Paint" and sometimes when I mix covers in we call it "Apron"

2) What are all the member’s names? Apron has Julie Damsky on Bass and Gary Barton on drums.. Wet paint has David Leatherwood on Bass and Mark Greenberg on drums.


3) What previous bands were any members in? Mark Greenberg has played with a million people and is a regular at The Bitter End. David Leatherwood was in a band called 2 in the late 90s and is currently playing bass in several goth like bands. Julie Damsky has been in many cover bands and Gary was also in a great cover band called The Retros


4) What bands or artists influenced you? I'm influenced by so many bands. contemporary- Juliana Hatfield, older Olivia newton John and Kate Bush. I love alot of the bands I got to play with..Chris Isaak, Pat Benetar, Paul Westerberg

5) What was you first ever gig? My first gig was in high school with a band called "A clockwork orange juice" in the school gym! My first "pro" gig was at Brownies and Dr. Luke was on guitar, Adrian Harpham on Drums, James Elliott on bass


6) What was your best ever gig? I've had alot of successful gigs for different reasons, but probably the most wild was playing Madison Square Garden "Girls Rule the Yule" with Susannah Hoffs, Jewel, Sheryl Crow, No Doubt and many more!!!! Screaming fans!!!!

7) What is best song you have ever written? I used to think my best song was Looking for a girl. I call this kind of song a peel and stick because it was written quickly, effortlessly and sounds so good...but I've recently outdone myself with the song "Where Were You" track 3 on my newest album "Ephemeral". It's just perfect! Still makes me cry!

8) What do you hope to accomplish in the next year? This year I'd like to start gigging more again. I have a new book..the sequel to Extra Awesome...Extra Awesome 2 the Tell All Book..it's become a series and I'm having lots of fun with it. I hope to get distribution for all the indie albums I made after 1&9!!! Working on that now.


9) What artist would you most like to collaborate with? I'm working on a collaboration with keith cotton, keyboard player extraordinaire where we would play the latest songs stripped down just keys or piano. We've just started exchanging songs so stay tuned....

10)  How would you describe your music? I would describe my music as "eclectic" it touches on so many styles yet each album is its own distinct world!!!

Dwight Arnold

Dwight Arnold

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