10 Questions: Issue #14

Radio 94/5 Artist 10 Questions

1) What is the name of the band?


2) What are all the members names?

Megan Rice (vocals), Scott Gossett (guitar), Zack Zeit (bass), and Raul Ochoa (drums)

3) What previous bands were any members in?

Scott Gossett was in an alt rock band called The Chain for 7 years. Zack Zeit and

Raul Ochoa have played with several different bands on and off over the years. Megan Rice is the only member of the band who had not sang or been in any other bands prior. 

4) What bands or artists influenced you?

We have such a vast array of music that has influenced us over the years. Nothing specific directly influences the music in any obvious way, at least in our opinion. Its honestly a culmination of all the music experiences throughout our lives. We feel impacted by everything from Bryan Adams, Fleetwood Mac, to Shania Twain, The Cure, and Prince. Of course we are self-aware enough to see the comparisons to Pat Benatar and the like, and she is a tremendous artist and is inspirational, but it isn’t as though we said, “let’s be like Pat Benatar”.

5) What was you first ever gig?

Our local little French Valley Airport in, well, French Valley. 

6) What was your best ever gig

I wouldn’t say we’ve had a “best” gig. Each gig has been valuable for different reasons. There isn’t one performance that has been more important than the others. 

7) What is best song you have ever written?

I’m boring and my answer is pretty much the same as above. There is a part of me, Megan, in each of our songs, so that’s like asking which part of my soul is “the best part”. Its all important in a different way and it’s the same for Scott. Scott and I write the songs together and we go through phases with our own music. One day we will be so stoked on Dreams, then the next we will be really digging on Red and Blue and so on and so forth. 

8) What do you hope to accomplish in the next year?

Our main goal for 2019 is to start touring and touring regularly. 

9) What artist would you most like to collaborate with?

Honestly, I, Megan, wouldn’t want to collaborate with anyone. I would just want to listen and learn. I don’t feel the need to collaborate. I would feel like I was just inserting myself into someone else’s creation, someone else’s space and it just isn’t necessary. I would love to pick the brains of many musicians and just listen. That’s all I would want. 

10)  How would you describe your music.

It may be cheesy, but our music is quite literally our mettle. Its our expression of everything we have been through and experienced and all that we have overcome to be here and now. I mean, I guess there is a much simpler answer… alt rock? I probably overthought that question. 

Dwight Arnold

Dwight Arnold

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