Movie Review: "Bohemian Rhapsody"

EDITORS NOTE: I did NOT get paid to write this review, and I did NOT get a free ticket to see this movie.

I went to the AMC Fashion Valley Theaters (as my friend Nadine who I went with, lives very close by) and because they have $7 tickets before noon. 

My theater experience had a rough start as I had to go out in the hall and tell someone that they left the house lights on AFTER the movie started.....

My movie experience was much more positive. I'm not the biggest Queen fan, but I do appreciate their music and their contribution to music history.

First the less than accurate parts of the story: 

The way the band members met is a bit fictionalized as their meeting was neither by chance or that sudden....but doesn't effect the overall story, in my opinion

There is no Ray Foster. The character played by Mike Myers (so well I had to tell my friend that it was actually Mike Myers in those scenes), doesn't really exist.

Apparently Freddie Mercury and Mary Austin were never actually married...but their close relationship was real.

The big falsehood is that Freddie acrimoniously left the band for a solo career. The band all agreed to take the break so that does post a bit of a cloud over the truthfulness and and subsequent band reunion for Live Aid part of the story.

Now for the good parts {according to me)

Rami Malek- even though he did no real singing, I think he did an excellent job of playing Freddie and probably presented the character as more sensitive than Freddie actually was. He certainly had the stage moves down, but it was the depth he brought to the character that really made the story worth following and more engaging.

The movie does tell a good story even if it may not all be true. If Queen was a fictionalized band that never existed, this would still be an excellent movie to watch.

The music- if you are fan of Queen you'll love how so many tunes are performed and weaved into the story.

The verdict: By all means go see this movie! The fact that there are some inaccuracies doesn't ruin the just helps make the story better. Remember this movie doesn't claim to be a documentary, so if you don't hold it to those excruciatingly high will enjoy the movie a great deal! 

Dwight Arnold

Dwight Arnold

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