Casey Turner "Johnny Losman" story update w/ video

I've been playing a song by SoCal artist Casey Turner on the Sunday Night Music Meeting called "Johnny Losman" that has an interesting story behind it. I asked Casey to write and tell me about it. 

After you read the story you can see the official video below.

Here's Casey's story:

Circa 2003

It was a warm balmy morning when my good friend Peter Joszi and I hopped on board the local Sanur ferry off of the eastern port of Bali in search of a better wave. 

This was my 2nd time in Indonesia and there was a lot left to explore. We were headed for

A small place called Lembongan Island where we heard about a pristine right hand wave.

It wasn’t a secret spot by no means but at least it was a right hander in the land of the lefts.

We arrived dead tired from partying our A$$ off in Kuta beach the night before. Hopping a ride from the harbor onto the back of a locals motor bike (there were no cars on this island)

We said 2 words to the driver’ “Ship Wrecks” He took us to the far end of the island where we saw this sweet beast of perfection breaking at 6 to 8 foot. We both agreed we should take a rest and get on it in an hour. Upon waking we had a major surprise. Looking out at where the once 8 foot machine of perfection once was we could only see dry land. The tide had pulled out for at least ½ mile. There was nothing to see but boats sleeping on their sides in the harbor and seaweed and reef.  We soon realized that we were the only surfers on the island  and that the full moon tide had rendered the surf completely flat due to the giant tide swings.   A quick look around and we saw we were the only surfers left  on the island and anyone who knew anything about lembongan knew enough to not be there during full moon tides swings. lol.  So with boredom setting in it began. . .

The Search for Johnny’s Losmen.

Pete and I had a mutual friend who had claimed they stayed at a tiny hotel called Johnnys Losmen. And that friend had wrote our names on the wall inside which said something like

We weren’t here.  So after 3 or 4 large Bintangs (the only beer available) We set off on a quest to check in and cross off our names. LOL by 9pm and after stopping at each resto and bar on the beach we eventually staggered in and found Johnnys Losmen. We stayed and left Lembongan in the morning and on the way back to Bali we scored epic Sanur Harbor (Which only breaks a few times a year and on a full moon w a swell) 

Fast forward years later

Arriving on Lembongan 2018 and learning the government of Indonesia was stepping between the people who owned property and charging foreigners 220k USD up front before someone can purchase a 30k USD piece of land from the owner. I learned of large corporations being the only ones who could afford this. And when arriving on Lembongan you could see these corporations building their hotels and resorts on the beach.  Corruption has always been a common thing within this 3rd world land but for some reason this hit me and a spot where I felt I had something to say.  So I wrote and recorded the song “Johnny Losmen”  Heading over to Johnny’s and seeing they were one of the few original standing home stay put a smile on my face. Johnny was out there rebuilding what he could with whatever funds he had left to do so.  I shot some of the music video right out front where  you can see them doing whatever construction they can to try to keep up with the big corporation resorts.  Check out the song and Music video at or search it on youtube.  And if you find yourself heading to Lembongan  Best check in with my friend  Johnny Losmen.

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