The "Necksmith"

So, I've tried out this "Necksmith" device, and while I don't think it's much of a fashion statement, I can feel what it's trying to do. disclaimer: as with anything that deals with a physical condition, don't try to use any device without consulting your physician first.

I've had neck pains for a very long time, and I'm always looking for way to get any relief that I can. It is my experience that drugs are NOT the way to address my problem. Drugs only mask pain for me, and they don't address the underlying I know a few people who went the pain killer pill route, and I'm so glad I never went down that path!

I've found that physical therapy always has been, and still is, the best way to go for me personally. Unfortunately physically therapy is expensive and not always, (and sometimes not at all), covered by health insurance. With the current health care system in this country, it would actually be cheaper to be strung out on pain killers...but that is another topic for another blog...

Chiropractic has been helpful for me, but there are really good chiropractors..and really BAD ones. You gotta be extra careful who you see..and this gets expensive too.

I've tried a couple of "home devices" and the ones I've tried don't seem to help...and some actually hurt. So, once again...don't use anything that gives you pain...and don't try to use any device without consulting your physician first.

I get how this Necksmith works...what I was told in physical therapy was the "traction" is helpful- usually done by having a therapist pull on your head while you lie on your back. This sounds a little awkward, but for me it feels soooooo good.

The "Necksmith" attempts to do the same thing- when you inflate it, the "pillows" pull up on your head and push down on your shoulders. It can feel a little constrictive (and it probably looks that way in the photo), but you can feel a bit of a pull.

I would recommend the Necksmith, not as a replacement for other more effective treatments like physical therapy or chiropractic, but as a possible minor help with stiff neck pain.

Here's some info on it:

An FDA-approved neck pain relief brace pillow, Necksmith can help alleviate discomfort associated with stress, poor posture, pinched nerves, and other assorted aches and pains.

  • Expandable with a 6-inch neck extension
  • Simple set-up – use the EZ air pump for fast inflation
  • Soft fabric that folds up compactly - easy to take from home to office

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