Free Cookies For Frustrated Drivers in Temecula Today

If you are on the road and sitting in the usual heavy traffic this afteroon....Temecula Creek Inn wants to hand you free cookies to ease your frustration while you sit in that traffic.

Free cookies will be handed out to San Diego/Temecula commuters on National Cookie Day today – December 4.

There is always bottleneck traffic on Rainbow Canyon Rd. in the weekday afternoons, which happens to be right in front of Temecula Creek Inn. So, to make these commuters’ day a bit better this magical holiday season,TCI team members are baking & handing out dozens of cookies to hand out starting at 3:30 p.m.

If you find yourself in that line of traffic, the folks at TCI will make your drive a little tastier...starting around 3:30 today.

Happy Holidays!

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