Looking Back at the 1st Annual "Make Music Temecula"

Mark your calendars..from this passed weeknd and from now on June 21st will be Make Music Temecula Day.

The event organizers have sent me this look back...

(All photos by "G. Johnson / Make Music Temecula")

Event Organizer (and Radio 94/5 Rising Star Champion Joanna Pearl wrote this:


2020 marked the first year of Make Music Day Temecula, brought to you by singer-songwriter Joanna

Pearl in conjunction with Songwriter’s Workshops. International Make Music Day provides opportunities

to!participate in and observe free live music performances at all-ages at public venues across the city on

the longest day of the year, June 21st. Make Music Day originally launched in 1982 in France as the Fête

de la!Musique, and is now held in 120 countries & over 1000 cities every Summer Solstice. Free. All

Ages. Public. Music.!


Make Music Temecula was formed as recently as June 15th, but within one week, 4 local events were

already organized for the day, consisting of various musicians from across the Temecula Valley. An eight

o’clock!virtual opening ceremony with Make Music Temecula organizers music producer Gary Johnson

and singer-songwriter Joanna Pearl, included a discussion on the line-up for the day, after being kicked

off with Joanna!singing the Star Spangled Banner, and capped off the meeting with her rendition of

Jessie J’s “Who You Are”.

Next up was a LIVE virtual harmonica lesson hosted by Don Grisham, with many Temecula residents

able to join in, thanks to the hundreds of harmonicas given out free, generously provided by Hohne

Later in the afternoon, Longshadow Ranch Vineyard and Winery hosted a three hour live event featuring

local artists such as Robert Rankin Walker, Owl The Wise, Johnny Lane, Caden Levi, and closed with a

stunning!performance by the band Mëttle. During the course of this event another 100 harmonicas were

given away to both children and adults. Later in the evening vocal coach of the stars, Nonie Hildgesen

hosted a Simple!Creative Songwriting lesson. Nonie was accompanied by some of her students who

also performed songs to tracks."

"I am so impressed by our community coming together so quickly for this day. When I first heard of this

worldwide event, I absolutely knew it belonged in Temecula. And now, more than ever we need music.

Music is essential to life. I am so excited to build a team for next year so save the date for June 21st

2021 because Make Music Temecula is going to be bigger and better!” said founder Joanna Pearl during

the Longshadow live concert.

The festivities rounded out at eight o’clock with a live set by DJ C-Zer, who took requests and mixed

family friendly 80’s music with today’s hits.

Make Music Temecula also featured nationally held virtual live events throughout the day such as piano

lessons, Bash the Trash, Jean-Michel Jarre “Alone Together” virtual reality concert, kids’ guitar and

ukulele!lessons. Many residents of the valley who took part were encouraged to take part in the day by

using the hashtag #MMDTemecula and many were featured showing off their musicality.!"


All Make Music Temecula events (Opening Ceremonies, Harmonica Lesson, LIVE 3-hour Longshadow

Ranch performances, Simple Creative Songwriting and Closeout) were broadcast live on the Make

Music!Temecula Facebook page via Zoom. Complete video clips can be found on the Make

Music!Temecula Facebook page via Zoom. Complete video clips can be found onwww.facebook.com/



Make Music Temecula could not have been success without help from the following support:

Songwriters Workshops, Don Grisham, BMW Murrieta, Hohner, Make Music Alliance, Riverside County

Supervisor Chuck!Washington, Longshadown Ranch Vineyard and Winery, HeyDay Productions, Robert

Rankin Walker, Owl The Wise, Johnny Lane, Caden Levi, Mëttle, Nonie Hildgesen, DJ C-Zer, Radio

94.5FM, andthe Valley News.!"




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