Radio 94/5 Listeners Tell us What Their 4th of July Plans Are This Year

Thanks to my treasured listeners and Facebook responders for writing about their plans for this unusual 4th of July holiday:

The photo is my 4th of July 2018..and probably where I will be again this Saturday

  • Dale Merrifield Going fishing on the Mission Belle out of Point Loma Landing in SD
  • Julie Schioppi Getting the hell out of CA!
  • Allan Steer Turning my back yard into a resort! Tiki lights, jacuzzi, fresh fruit, and bright colored drinks to start!
  • Kim Dee Bbqing in the backyard and then huddling with my little dogs in our laundry room with the dryer running while they freak out because of all the illegal fireworks that'll be shot off all over Riverside County😒😱(the sound and vibration of the dryer helps calm them)
  • Cindy Woody Borgeson Time with family
  • Lani Victoria Celebrating with my kids and dogs at home! So the doggies don’t get scared.
  • Blaser-Evans Enjoying the sunshine and floating in the pool while my hubs bbq and serves me non alcoholic drinks since I’m carrying his baby for another few months😊
  • Erika Provence Going to storm stadium for fireworks!!
  • Brandy Alderson Everything that is happening isn't going to change our families love for this Great Nation🇺🇲We are going to BBQ and Swim then tune into some fireworks on TV🎆🎇
  • Vatala Debra BBQ and enjoy the pool and watch fireworks on TV like we do every year
  • Delisa Kurtz Gallagher Vegas!!! 5 days.. who Knows What's gonna Happen! Hoping Everyone has a Safe 4th!
  • Lindsay Carmichael Lake Arrowhead lake house
  • Sarah Eisele Lake Arrowhead having fireworks? I was going to head to our Crestline Cabin but saw their 4th of July celebration is cancelled🙄

Lindsay Carmichael yes they are! Shooting off from a different location this year which will require a boat to see (private lake)

  • Yvette Siordia Palm Desert
  • Robert Weisfeld BBQ at the house then drive up to lake Elsinore for fireworks🧨
  • Melissa Garner Mitchell We're making a ton of sushi dinners for people!! It will be fun. Oh and riding horses after!
  • Ashley Ann Harper I will still be on deployment. I am hoping that they let us sleep in... lol

Sarah Jones-Stanley Our neighborhood is having a block party with bounce houses and games for the kids

I will be "shouting out" many of these over the rest of the week....tune in to hear yours or new ones that come in...🎉

Sailing on Woosah!