Joe Kelly Gets Suspended- What Do Dodgers Do? Beat The Asterisks Again!

Joe Kelly... the one Dodger to give the business to the Houston Asterisks got an 8 game suspension. He didn't hit a batter or get into a fight. He stuck his lip out and apparently said something to the effect of "Nice Swing Biotch" when he struck out Correa causing the cheaters bench to empty on to the field...

Totally unfair suspension in my opinion!

The Dodgers didn't let that keep them from beating the Asterisks again.. 4-2 in 13 innings with Edwin Rios delivering the knockout punch (heh heh) 2 run homer.

Corey Seager also had a homer and Moookie Bets an rbi double in the 11th.

Now that the Dodgers have finished dealing with the cheaters until September, they are off to start a series with Arizona.

Go Dodgers!

Way to go Joe Kelly!

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