The Day I Came Across The "Fat Woody Beach Cruiser Experience"

Last week, when I went for a swing bike ride (that's another blog to go find), on Coronado I came across a gentleman by the name of Ken McNeil.

He was loading what I thought was the most interesting new bike design I've seen in a long time! He called them "fat woody cruisers".

A veteran of the U.S. Navy, Ken served at Coronado’s Naval Air Station - North Island. Now Ken share’s a lot of Coronado history at many of the tour’s scenic stops, most of the tour is a gentle wind in your face and relaxing beach music.

Each cruiser has an on-board speaker that creates an acoustic bubble of solitude. The music is synchronized, so once you get multiple cruisers crankin’ down the boardwalk, you pretty much have a musical parade on you hands.

You can pedal if you like, but Fat Woody’s powerful electric drive system will easily push you along with the breeze at a gentle cruising speed of 10-15 mph.

The ergonomic recumbent posture is super comfortable and the ultra-wide saddle is designed for maximum comfort.

You’re welcome to bring your camera, but Ken shoots & shares photos of your group ‘riding’ and at scenic stops.

I hope to take one of Ken's tours some day, and you'll see pics and video of that adventure in a future blog..

In the meantime check out all the details at Ken's website:

Here are a few pics my friend Chris took...the guy who isn't the man himself Ken McNeil.