"Dwight's Daily Dose of New Music": "Quarantine Blues" (video)

If you know who Steve Poltz is you probably know some of his history...

Longtime San Diego resident first known for his band the Rugburns and their song "Hitchhiker Blues".

Then we was known as Jewel's boyfriend and co-writer of her early big hit "You Were Meant For Me"

Since then he has been a productive solo artist, writing many songs, one used by the Padres.

Recently Steve was known for his "Living Room Concert Tours" playing literally in peoples living rooms and back yards. The picture here is from one of those shows.

Steve always seems to write songs for the times and he's done it again with "Quarantine Blues"

If you are an artist or in a band and have new music send it to me and I might feature you in a future addition of the "Dose" which we do every weekday morning in the 9am hour

Steve Poltz Backyard Concert in 2017

Steve Poltz Backyard Concert in 2017