Remembering Tommy Lasorda and My Mom- The Lifelong Dodgers Passes at 93

You can't think about the Dodgers without thinking about Tommy Lasorda.

Tommy passed away today at the age of 93, and I hope is is already telling stories to my mom. She was a lifelong Dodger fan who passed away in 2017.

The picture here is of my mom with Tommy at the Dodgers spring training in Florida back in the early 1980's. My stepdad won a trip to the Dodgers spring training from a contest he entered by filling out a form on the inside of a cigar band!

When mom showed up and asked to have her picture taken, Tommy took her aside and spoke with her at length. he thanked her for being a Dodger fan and told her he would forever have Dodger Blue Blood in his veins. He was so gracious and kind. I will be forever grateful to Tommy for that.

Below is that memory for Mom and some other "vintage" Tommy...what a guy! He will be so missed!

Mom and Tommy

Mom and Tommy