"Dwight's Daily Dose of New Music": "To Give 2" Performing Artist Today

Today's artist who will be performing for the "To Give 2" online fundraiser is Bob Boulding.

After years recording and touring as the lead guitarist of the Young Dubliners, Bob Boulding struck out on his own with a new solo release. "Time Out Of Mind" is his first single and carries on his trademark sound.

Local artist Tim Moyer sent me info on a great local ongoing event.

It is called "To Give 2"

Here's How it works:

Local Artists Perform Virtually on Tuesdays to Raise Money.

Give #1: buy meals from local family owned restaurants (supporting local restaurants)

Give #2: deliver those meals to frontline healthcare workers

Here's where to go to see, give, and get more info...


Today's UPDATED is below.

Updated set times

Updated set times