"Dwight's Daily Dose of new Music" Maybe My All Time Favorite Female Artist

If she's not my all time favorite artist...she definitely in the top 3.

I have been a huge fan of Ani Difranco's since the early 1990's when she arrived on the underground music scene. I say "underground" because radio has never been a huge supporter of Ani's. It could be because she owned and operated her own label and refused to do the "radio ass-kiss" (if you see me in person, ask me to explain that term to you if you want), or maybe it was because so many of her early songs had some pretty harsh lyrical content (and language- Listen to "Untouchable Face")

Regardless, Ani has made a huge success of her career doing every bit of it HER way. Her fans love her even more and she has an intensely loyal fan base.

Her live shows are beyond great...they bring additional life to her songs and you really get what she is all about when you see her onstage.

Her new album is called "Revolutionary Love" and it's out January 29th on her own long time label "Righteous Babe" Records.

The song I'm playing is the 9th track off that album called "Simultaneously"

The video for the song is below.