"7:10 Celebrity Birthdays": Making A "Case" For A "Plimsoul"

Happy 67th Birthday to the main man behind The Plimsouls- Peter Case.

Before the Plimsouls, Peter was in a band called the Nerves, and after the Plimsouls, Case has enjoyed a long and distinguished solo career.

Today's "7;10 Celebrity Birthday" track is the bands most well known song "A Million Miles Away"- that and two other songs were featured as actual live performances by the band in the film "Valley Girl".

Other Celebrity birthdays today include

Haylry Atwell 39

Sterling K Brown 45

Pharrel Williams 48

Christopher Ried 57

Paula Cole 53

Stan Ridgeway 67

If you would like to make yourself, or someone you know, a "celebrity" by having me wish that person a Happy Birthday on the radio, just send that birthday info in a pm to our Facebook page:


In the cover photo, that's me recording with Peter Case... "back in the day"..