Coffee With A Cop, Temecula PD Community Outreach

I have been following the Temecula Police Department facebook for a while now, and not only are they hilarious but they are doing fun things to include the public and engage them. Last Thursday I went to their first ever "Coffee With A Cop" meet up. Numerous off duty officers donated their time to come and talk with the public and answer any questions they may have had, and best of all they were hanging out with the kids letting them sit in the back of a cruiser, the front of the cruiser and even getting to pet K-9 officer Dayka. 

My nieces, their mom and I had a great time at the event and they couldn't stop talking about the little lipsync dance they got to do! We are looking forward to future events with the Temecula Police department.

It's important for the kids to not have a fear of the officers, because when they are in trouble and need help they should feel safe going to cops, and I think these events are the perfect time to help your children understand that, and who knows maybe inspire them to be a an officer or other first responder.

If you don't follow the Temecula Police Department on Facebook, do it now! You will thank me later!



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