CREEPSHOW Movie Getting TV Series From Walking Dead Creator

I am into a lot of things but my favorite things are music and movies, but like the old 80's horror movies and teen classics, so when I read this I got super excited because CREEPSHOW is my favorite Stephen King movie, I love it so much that when I went to Portland last year and I found a reprint of the comic book I had to buy it even though I had no room in my carry on for it! 

It should be an interesting TV series only considering that the movies themselves are just short vignettes but I am curious to see how Walking Dead Creator Greg Nicotero pulls this off. Part of the appeal of the original movie was the comic book style story telling, the suspense it would build so quickly in each vignette and the dark humor, a balance that was achieved in great because of horror/suspense master Stephen King, and horror movie legend George A. Romero.

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