Walk The Moon, Thirty Seconds To Mars LIVE at MFA SD

I'm still on a high from last night! Me and some friends got some lawn tickets to see Thirty Seconds to Mars. Now I am ok with lawn seats, but I am pit kinda girl. I love being squished and snaking my way to the front of the stage, and then in the end not being able to hear very well for the next few days. So needless to say I was kind of bummed that I wasn't down there but I was with some good friends and I was gonna have a good time either way. 

We settled in started eating our snacks and my friend Stef noticed these employees with wristbands, so she went over and asked what they were, turns out they were pit passes! So we packed up and headed down to the floor. I worked our way to the front, and we were four people back from the very front. As Walk the Moon started people started shifting around... and by the time Thirty Seconds To Mars came on we were two from the front!

Now I know we play Walk The Moon on Radio 94.5 and I like listening to them but I wasn't sure that their sound could be replicated live. I was pleasantly surprised! They sounded just as great live as they do on their albums, and they are so high energy! I loved it! They definitely found themselves a new fan, and if you ever have a chance to see the live, do it! You won't regret it! Thirty Seconds to Mars was a real crowd pleaser and the main reason we were all there. They have to be the most fan-centric band I have seen so far. Just about every song they were either bringing fans onto the stage with them or they were having us sing along with them. It was so much fun, and I am so glad that we got that upgrade. Look below at the photos, and for videos of the performance head to my YouTube https://youtu.be/khAwiCLdReU



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