#TBT With A Bonus Nod To Shark Week!

So back in March of this year I went to east coast for the first time ever! We started in North Carolina for a wedding of close friends, then we journeyed down to Charleston South Carolina and then ended this epic journey in Boston for St. Patrick's day. While in Charleston though, my good friend Michele and I went to the aquarium to see the rehabilitating sea turtles and pet some sting rays. They have you take some pictures when you first enter and then with magic of computers do a digital background. Her and I started a new tradition last year where we act scared of whatever they are telling us to look at, and well this one was amazing! And since it's also shark week, I thought this was a fitting #ThrowBackThursday nod to #Sharkweek ENJOY!

#ThrowbackThursday and Shark Week Combined


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