High School Holds 'Adulting Day'

Students at Bullitt Central High School in Shepherdsville, KY got a taste of the real world when the school hosted its first official 'Adulting Day'. 

Instead of algebra and gym class, students were taught real-life skills like how to pay bills, change a tire, and cook for themselves.  Other workshops included lessons about credit cards and a talk from police on how to behave during a traffic stop. A school official said she got the idea from a Facebook post that said kids 'needed a class in high school about taxes and cooking'.

When I was in high school (I feel old for even saying that) we had a living skills class that was pretty much like this minus the changing tires and credit cards education (probably could have used that lesson). To be honest it was a great class for kids who may have grown up a bit more pampered, but none the less it was teaching "life skills". I think more schools should offer that. I have watched a lot of friends go straight from High School to College and totally flounder because they had no idea how to live without their parents doing things for them.

Schools across the country should think of adopting this program, it would help leaps and bounds.



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