Would You Eat Blink-182 Dude Ranch Dressing?

I guess it was bound to happen. A couple of students from UCLA have made a vegan Ranch salad dressing in honor of Blink-182’s album Dude Ranch. They have dubbed the dressin, wait for it, Dude Ranch Dressing. 

Co-founder Megan Hullander, told The Daily Bruin that she’s not vegan, but was thinking of the environment when they created the dressing.

“We tried to make it as Earth-friendly as possible and as healthy as we possibly could, and get all the ingredients while still maintaining the taste,” Hullander explains. “We started out making recipes that we found, and then just replaced ingredients to use ones that were either more sustainable, or added things we thought would be good for flavor.”

Would you eat it? Or would it constantly remind you of all the phallic references in that album?

Read more about it here!



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