Now How Are We Supposed To Tell Someone We Love Them?!

It is with a heavy heart that I tell you 'Conversations Hearts' will not be sold this year.

Yes, those chalky hearts with the cutesy little messages on them will be not be sold this year. They were a Valentine's staple that has been around for more than 153 years and was the most popular Valentine's day candy last year according to

SweetHearts made conversation hearts in 1866. and then in 1901, Necco took over the brand. Last September, Necco was bought by Round Hill Investments, and the SweetHearts brand was then sold to Spangler Candy Co. And here is a bit of trivia, it takes 11 months for Necco to make about 8 billion little onversations hearts! So, since it takes so long to make the conversation hearts, Spangler Candy Company didn’t have enough time to make them for this year.

If you find any on the shelves they are more than most likely last years bunch, yuck! But fear not! If you are a fan of the hearts I have found a recipe to make them at home! I am going to try my hand at them and of course post the results soon, whether they are good or bad will be up to my co workers.



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