Willy Wonka I Am NOT!

Two weeks ago I found out that Sweethearts was no longer making their signature Valentine's candy "Conversation Hearts". I was having this conversation with my friends and I jokingly said "But what am I supposed to give the people I don't like for Valentine's day, now?!" Well, my friend Michele decided to find a recipe to make them yourself and challenged me to it.

Now, looking over the recipe , I thought "This is gonna be easy!" There was only 4 ingredients... Well I was wrong. It took the entire 3lb bag of powdered sugar, and my hands are still dyed red in some spots. It also took from start to finish, over an hour and a half to simmer, mix, knead, roll, and cut those bad boys out. Maybe the problem is me, but I can see why they have been discontinued.

Of course, I am still waiting for them to be finished, two days later (once cut out to your desired shape, they have to dry out to harden) and once dry, you still have to write the messages on them. I will be posting the absolute finished product on my instagram if you want to check it @reenaontheradio if not check out the video I made of my struggles!



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