Get Fancy This Valentine's Day With Ketchup Caviar

So it's Valentine's Day and you want to treat your sweetie to something fancy. Caviar is super expensive and your don't you or they will be down to try those salty little eggs, so what are you to do?

Well Heinz has your back! This Valentine's season they released a limited edition "Ketchup Caviar". Yes you, the picky eater can get down on some delicious ketchup that looks like ketchup!

What exactly is "Ketchup Caviar"? Is it salmon roe marinated in the Heinz 57 special recipe? No. Is it the Heinz 57 blended with roe? No. To put it simply it's just plain ol' ketchup made into tiny caviar sized pearls using molecular cooking. Nifty.

Sadly it was only offered via Heinz twitter account for a limited batch; 150 to be exact. We are guessing if it made a big enough splash that maybe they will bring it back for the 4th. Fingers crossed!



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