I Have Found My Sport!

The other weekend my friends and I went out to celebrate the birth of another friend, Molly!

Molly decided that she wanted to try out the newest business in town, SoCal Axe. I know you all have heard me talk about this, but in case you haven't; SoCal Axe is an indoor axe throwing lane(?). Anyone can come in and indulge in their Lumber Jack or Jill desires.

It. Was. FANTASTIC! The instructors were informative and patient with our large group, they even got some of to throw the largest ax! I found my favorite ax, a nice mid-size ax, and much to my surprise I was actually pretty decent, and my friends described my throwing as "scary good". Throwing mostly bulls-eyes.

If you want have some aggression to get out this is the perfect place to do that too. If you live in the are you should check them out! SoCal Axe thank you for the great time!




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