Nerdy News: His Dark Materials Finally Gets Screen Adaptation it Deserves

"His Dark Materials" as it is known in it's native Canada, and in the USA it's called "The Golden Compass Series". If you haven't read this trilogy yet I highly suggest you do. From the moment I read the first chapter I was captivated and then immediately went out and bought the other two books. It's got magic, and politics and other worlds, a little bit of science and faith involved too!

Well, it was adapted into a movie starring Nicole Kidman and for fans it was a disappointment. HBO though has come in to be our savior. They have reworked it into a miniseries, and if the trailer is any indication of the actual series, well fans will be thrilled!

It has some familiar faces if you are into super mutant movies (James MacAvoy, Dafne Keen). No start date has been announced but that just gives you time to read the series!



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