Quick Glimpse of Disrupt Fest in San Diego

I was lucky enough to take off early on a Friday and head down to Chula Vista. I got to check out the last half of the Rockstar Energy Disrupt Festival.

Caught the last bit of Sum41 and found out that A) They still rock like they did when they were in their early 20's and B) they have a new album coming soon!

Thrice was awesome! I always had a soft spot for them but never got a chance to see them live when they first hit it big. Their music brought back memories of shows at The Showcase in Corona, and shows at The Soma in San Diego.

Finally, The Used. I have seen them before at other festivals, and Bert is a jerk. Not the I hate this guy kinda jerk, but the fun always playing a joke type of jerk. They always kill it and I was not disappointed.

Check out some of their performances below.



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