My Game Show Audition!

I love games. I love game nights with my friends but I never thought I could parlay that into doing it on tv. So by an act of fate maybe, I had a sponsored ad pop up on my Facebook feed and it said apply to audition for 25 Words or Less. I thought, well what could it hurt? The worst thing that could happen is that this is some phishing scam and I jokes on the scammers, I don't have anything worth taking! I filled out the app clicked submit and then forgot all about it. A week goes by and I get a call from casting! They want me to come in and audition!

The audition process itself is interesting. Casting sent me an email with instructions, what you should and shouldn't wear. Come camera ready. Watch the mock up of the game so that you understand the rules and game play. Be here at this address at this time. Stuff like that.

I got there, signed in, and met some of the other people auditioning. We were ushered to the screening room and it turns out it is a group casting. I learned a few things that day, literally everyone in LA is a struggling actor or entertainment person of some sort. I know I don't have room to talk. I am in the entertainment industry as well, but it was weird being in a room full of people who are in another branch of it.

We went through a mock up of the game and I think I did pretty well, but unfortunately I was cut. I did have some of the other people who were cut as well approach me in the parking garage and tell me I did really well and were surprised I didn't make it. I think looking back, if I could do it again, I would have been more peppy. I am competitive but I also know my competitiveness is aggressive, so I tone it down when I am around strangers. I am in the casting agencies database now so they said I will probably get calls to audition for other shows, so that's a plus! And I know now to be more peppy and outgoing.

I got a little video, and since no pictures were allowed inside I got pictures of my very long drive home. I got to sit in the scenic traffic that is LA and I even got to see the original In N Out! Oh and because of the construction on the 60 I even got lost! FUN!



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