Haunting Season Kick Off Party

On a whim my friends and I went to a horror themed pop up bar in Brea. This is put on by Sinister Pointe and if you have ever been to one of their haunts, you know what you are in store for!

We got there and it was floor to ceiling decorated. Props from movies, my favorite being the clown from Killer Klowns from Outer Space, and Gremlins. They also had character actors walking around interacting with the patrons like Twisty the Clown, Michael Myers, and The Nun. The interactive drinks were awesome! And I know what you are thinking, interactive how? Well if you ordered the Exorcism they make the drink and then perform a mini exorcism on you, if you ordered the Chainsaw Massacre they bring out a chainsaw and pretend to cut your finger off!

The whole production was incredibly fun, my only regret was not getting to see the bathroom, which I heard was decorated and really neat. Maybe next time. If you are into the haunts and horror, I highly suggest you head out to a Sinister Pointe production!



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