Sedona and Phoenix Getaway

Every other year my friends and I take a birthday trip to celebrate our one friend and to also say goodbye to the summer. Her birthday always falls on Labor Day weekend so it works out nicely.

This year the birthday girl decided to head to Sedona Arizona. Now I know what you are thinking "Arizona in the summer?! Are you crazy?!", but to be honest it wasn't that hot in Sedona, but it was melting hot in Phoenix, even at 1am it was hotter than a mother...

We all flew into Phoenix, from all over California and even from Chicago. We took a wild bus ride to pick up our rental SUV (which I was driving all weekend), and then headed out to find our hotel for the night and a place to eat. Downtown Phoenix is fun! There was an anime convention going on and also a Dodgers Diamond backs game, so a little piece of California was with us.

In the morning we loaded up the car and headed out for Sedona. While on the freeway we saw electronic signs warning of escaped convicts... FUN! and just enjoyed the views. The Arizona desert is really pretty, but watch those speed traps!

Finally make it to Sedona, and discover that they are the home for the most inconvenient traffic circles and slow drivers. Also, traffic circles wreak havoc on your gps! I cannot tell you how many times we just drove around in a circle because the GPS thought we were going the wrong way. We make it to our AirBnB and just take in the views. People say Sedona has healing powers and they weren't wrong.

The hike to Devil's bridge was awesome, the little town was cool, the wine bar that we tortured people with our singing was AMAZING and of course the company that we got to spend the weekend with was the best part of all! Oh and the little Javalina that tried to kill my friends was also funny, now.



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