Dropkick Murphy's at Petco Park

Over the summer I got to see one of my favorite live acts DROPKICK MURPHYS!! They played at the Park at Petco Park in Downtown SD. It's a neat venue in that you are at the ballpark, but you aren't in seats, it's all GA which is great for me because I like to cruise to the front of the stage.

It was a strange lineup - Dropkick, Clutch, and Hatebreed - it made sense but it also didn't. Hatebreed look and sound exactly as I remember them when I was in high school. I know I am aging myself when I say that I graduated in 2001, so it's nice to see a band that has been around that long still sound that good.

Now, every dropkick show I have been to is always high energy. Those guys really put everything they have into each show. Now this isn't the same as seeing them in Boston, on St. Patrick's day... but I loved this still. And of course they end every show by inviting people from the audience up on stage with them, and you can really see how much they love and appreciate their fans.



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