Mexico City and Dia De Los Muertos

2 Bucket List Items crossed off!

It had been a dream of mine to go to Mexico City to see, first hand Dia de los Muertos. Death rituals have always fascinated me and this one in particular is close to me because of my heritage.

The other thing is, I have never left the country before, so I had to get my very first passport, and visa. That whole process was a headache, I had a copy of my birth certificate, but apparently it wasn't valid? Thankfully I was born in San Diego county so it wasn't too hard to go down and get the proper one.With that stress out of the way I was looking forward to my new experience!

If you are ever flying to Mexico, fly out of TJ. We did the CBX which means we walked over the bridge from America to TJ and right into the TJ airport. So easy and so quick. Plus you end up flying "domestic" so you don't have to worry about customs! #TravelHack

So we got to Mexico City and automatically went in search of tacos. We found some of the best tacos around the corner from our hotel, El Huequito.The Al pastor was incredible.

The whole trip was a whirlwind of things, we got on a hop on hop off bus tour that took us around the city, we saw some fun museums. Our hotel was located on the parade route for Dia de Los Muertos, so we headed out in the morning to get some pan de muerte and check out the square where they had the offerandas at and the parade would end. He headed back to hotel and got caught in some rain, found street churros and then made it back to the hotel. The parade was amazing, I braved the rain and got up close, though the view from our rooms was good too.

The spa we went to was about 3.5hrs away, so we left really early. The drive once we got out of the city was really pretty and calm. We passed through little towns and street markets and then finally ended up at the spas. The spas themselves are carved into the side of a mountain. The views from the spas were incredible and it was just the relaxing activity we needed. And of course because we found the spa on instagram we had to do some insta worthy poses.

All in all the trip was amazing, I am so fortunate to have friends that will traipse the world with me and help me learn new things.



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