Fly The Friendly Skies With Star Wars!

In a galaxy far far away... Umm... I mean, in this galaxy, in an airport maybe near you, you can fly on United Airlines 'Star Wars' themed Boeing 737-800. Just in time for the soon to be released in theaters "Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker". This is a big deal because "Rise Of Skywalker" will be the last big star wars release for the next few years. A decision that Disney wisely made because they were over saturating the market with too many consecutive releases, not that it was a bad thing, but they weren't all telling the same story.

Anywho. Those lucky enough to hop a flight can choose the "Rebel Scum" side (The Resistance, Light side, aka the force) or chose "The First Order" side (The Empire, The Dark Side, aka the best side... I may be biased). You can also get a special Star Wars Pin, and also an amenities bag as well. Customers boarding the plan also board to the iconic music themes. And if you choose to track the flight status, the airplane avatar has been changed to an X-Wing Flyer.

To further round out the Star wars experience, United has made a special in-flight safety video as well, check it out below!

To see what else they have to offer and for more pictures check this out



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