E.T. And Elliott Reunited!

E.T. and Elliott Then vs Now

Growing up as a late '80s and '90s kid, there are some things that really are ingrained in my brain. Music and Movies were the main influences on me and one of said movies is E.T..

Space alien crash lands on earth just looking to get home, makes friends, almost dies, makes a harrowing escape and leaves his best friend so he can go home. I loved it. I loved it so much that to this day reese's pieces are my favorite candy! At the end of the movie you always hoped that E.T. would come back to Elliott. Thanks to Xfinity we get that reunion. I have "cut the cord", meaning I only stream tv on apps like Hulu and Netflix, but I was at the best friends for thanksgiving and we were watching the Saints game and this came on. I made the whole room hush and sat as close to the tv as possible when this came on. E.T. was back and he landed at a very much older Elliott's house. He met Elliott's children and wife, learned all the new technology, and even had a snow day. In the end though he just wants to go home.

I don't want to spoil the whole thing so I suggest you watch it below, but... it's just as heart warming as the actual movie.



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