Reena's Nerdy News: Black Widow Trailer

Here it is, the first trailer for the the stand alone "origin story" of Black Widow, this kicks off phase 4 of the MCU movies.

Now, for those of you curious as to how this is even happening, let me break it down for ya. I was just as confused when I saw that Black Widow was getting her own movie, especially after the events of Avengers; Endgame. So I had to research this. This movie is taking place just after Civil War. *Whew* ok, I thought I was going to have to become a DCU fan.

Once we get past that and now understand the timeline we can get on with the show. We meet her family and see a few fun faces like David Harbor, and Rachael Weiss as Natasha's makeshift family.

What the plot line seems to be is Natasha is coming home to reconcile with her past. Black Widow is set to release May 1st 2020



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