Coldplay is Performing All Of "Everyday Life" Live On 11/22 In Jordan

Throughout the announcement of their double album Everyday Life, Coldplay has gone way outside the box. Sending letters to members of their fan club. Taking out an advertisement in a newspaper with the tracklist. Now, they're planning on doing two shows on the release day, November 22nd. Coldplay will be live in Jordan to do the first part, "Sunrise", in the morning, and the second part, "Sunset", in the afternoon.

The sets will happen at 4am GMT and 2pm GMT so adjust accordingly to watch. We'll make sure you have the Youtube live stream link for both performances so you don't miss anything from Coldplay!

Here's the video of the Coldplay press conference today, plus the video for "Orphans" from Everyday Life. When Coldplay comes back, they do it right!

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